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Fly Tying Fundamentals with Davy Wotton

by Fly Fish TV
Get all the basic knowledge you need to start tying, plus learn the specifics of seven classic patterns in this definitive video. Davy Wotton applies his exacting technique to a series of detailed lessons and tying demonstrations, that give the budding tier a solid foundation. His precise instructions are matched with practical lessons he has created just for beginners. Tools, materials, dubbing, winding hackle, are but a few of the topics covered. Ties demonstrated include: Zebra Midge, Pheasant Tail Nymph, Hare's Ear Nymph & Soft Hackle, Blue-Winged Olive, Elk Hair Caddis, and Wolly Bugger.
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Uploaded 6-7-12

Ron Paul - Episode One

by Bill Dumas
The Ron Paul 2008 Video Diary is collaboration between the Campaign for Liberty and Ron Paul 2008 Video Production Director, Bill Dumas. This video series is a behind the scenes look at a Presidential campaign that became a Revolution as seen through the documentary lens of an award-winning documentary filmmaker thrust into the frenetic political world that made Presidential election history. This site is interactive and we invite you to share your stories and links to your photos and videos through the Supporters Forum. Former campaign staffers are encouraged to share their experiences on the Staffers Forum. For more details about the Video Diary Episodes, go to Bill\'s Blog. The Ron Paul 2008 Video Diary Episodes are available for a nominal fee with all profits going to Campaign For Liberty. So please enjoy, share and contribute to The Revolution. Runtime 2 hrs. 10 min.
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Uploaded 12-10-09


by Patrick Armbruster
Neverland is a state of mind, a mountain pushed up from the ground by imagination. Anyone can go but most people have trouble with the simple directions: Follow your dreams. This winter Absinthe dropped down the rabbit hole to explore this elusive place and brought back some mind bending tales and a pocketful of surprises. Travis Rice, Dan Brisse, Bode Merrill, Nicolas Müller, Sylvain Bourbousson, JP Solberg, Romain deMarchi, DCP, Marc Frank Montoya, Annie Boulanger, Marie-France Roy, Jules Reymond, Wille Yli-Luoma, Cale Zima, Phil Damianakes, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Kevin Pearce, Eero Ettala, Gigi Rüf and the rest of the Lost Boys continued down the road less traveled and explored some new possibilities during a winter that saw the progression of snowboarding take some giant strides. This place has everything.....come on, I show you.
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Uploaded 10-28-09

Principles of Paintball with Ollie Lang

by Lenny Magill Productions
Learn from the best! World renowned paintball player Oliver Lang teaches you the tips and tricks that have led him to numerous world titles and countless wins. Ollie has travelled the world teaching 100's of clinics for players of all skills levels. With over 10 years of professional paintball under his belt, Ollie now wants to share his knowledge and expertise with you! Learn gear set up, proper stance, bunker shapes, snap shooting, numerous drills, and secret tips that have made him the most recognized player in the sport. Whether you are just starting out or working your way up to the pro ranks, Principles of Paintball is guaranteed to make you a better player!
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Uploaded 6-21-11

In Your Home - Stretching for Serenity

by Lenny Magill Productions
Jennifer Howard is one of Americas premier fitness trainers. She is currently an instructor at the world famous "Rancho La Puerta" spa - rated the #4 spa in the world, and sister spa of the famous "Golden Door." She has danced in numerous Broadway musicals including: "West Side Story," "A Chorus Line," and Grease."

Jen also holds certifications in Pilates, Yoga, Personal Training and group exercise instruction. Her diverse experience in modern dance, Pilates, and Core Strength Training have helped her to formulate this fabulous workout series for your enrichment and enjoyment. The "In Your Home" series consists of five unique programs the encourage you to follow along with Jennifer as she guides you through a complete and balanced workout.

Jen also holds certifications in Pilates, Yoga, Personal Training and group exercise instruction. Her Diverse experience in modern dance, Pilates, and Core Strength Training have helped her to formulate this fabulous workout series for your enrichment and enjoyment. The "In Your Home" series consists of five unique programs the encourage you to follow along with Jennifer as she guides you through a complete and balanced workout.
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Uploaded 6-3-10
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Youreeeka News and Developments
New Video Tutorial: How To Register & Upload Video
How To Register and Upload Your Video

Our video tech Beau Cottington narrates our simple registration and upload process for new producers. Sign up is quick an easy, register with us, upload your video, and start making money NOW! Click Here to Watch The Tutorial Now on YouTube   Share on Facebook

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New 80/20 Royalty Split on All Content at any price!
We our proud to announce that we are now offering Youreeeka content creators 80% of the profit share for all content sales regardless of price. This revenue split exceeds the royalty sharing offers of all other online content distribution platforms. We want to encourage our content creators to offer their content for sale at a competitive price in order to maximize revenue. Our generous profit sharing percentage ensures that our network of creators can benefit as much as possible from the sale of their content on our platform. We recognize that our content creators are the most valuable component of our platform and we want to help you succeed by enabling our collective growth and profitability.   Share on Facebook

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Youreeeka Cares, Create-Share-Support!
Our Christmas gift to you. You can now use the Youreeeka player for fundraising purposes and collect 90% of the generated proceeds. We are offering our highest ever 90/10 revenue split to charities and organizations who use the Youreeeka player as a fund raising tool. Youreeeka provides this modified revenue sharing account for charities and organizations whose fundraising goals allow them to further a cause, support their community, or selflessly help others. We offer this generous revenue split as a way to give back to our community of content creators. Our goal is to create a lasting impact in the communities of our contributors by offering this tool to help support their passions. Invite your supporters to purchase access to your promotional,  educational, or entertaining video, or audio content.  This special commission structure is offered only to qualified charities, or organizations. You can setup 1 to 4 donation/contribution levels allowing your supporters a range of contribution options. Please fill out the form on this page to enroll your organization in the Youreeeka Cares fundraising program. Put the power of media into your fundraising. Create - Share - Support!   Share on Facebook

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Exciting New Youreeeka Features On The Horizon
We just finished our latest round of development planning and wanted to share with you some of the exciting new features and tools planned for deployment in 2012. Channels - This feature will allow you to add an embedded Youreeeka player along with several more of your content titles together in one location. The channel embed will feature a custom sizable Youreeeka player along with a customizable display of thumbnails and/or text links allowing you to choose other content titles to be played in the Youreeeka player window. Chapters - This functionality will allow creators to organize individual content titles into chapters for easier navigation by your content consumers while viewing. Coupon Codes - This simple tool will allow content creators to setup and manage promotional discounts that their content consumers can use during purchase to take advantage of discount offers and incentives. Interactive Community Portal - This portal will add a new dimension of interactivity and community to Youreeeka by providing a place for content creators, content consumers and Youreeeka developers to come together and expand our platform. We hope to engage in a dialogue with our user community in order to build a responsive culture of support and innovation that will efficiently serve the needs of everyone utilizing our technology. Premium Featured Banners - This promotional feature will allow our content creators to more actively promote their monetized content through the purchase of affordable and effective premium featured banner advertisements strategically located throughout the Youreeeka Content Network website. Our team of innovators are hard at work to make these grand plans a reality for our community of content creators and viewers. Keep an eye on our news feed for progress updates and new feature deployment announcements coming your way in the new year.   Share on Facebook

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FREE Dedicated Content Player Pages
Now every new content title that is uploaded to Youreeeka is automatically added to a dedicated web page hosted for FREE on our Content Network. Once your content has finished uploading and compressing, youwill receive an email containing link to that content's dedicated page. You can then use this link in emails, or other advertisements to promote your monetized content completely FREE of charge. Click Here to see an example.   Share on Facebook

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Youreeeka News and Developments

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